Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

Hey. Hey.
Hey. Ho.
This whole week has got to go.

"And the skies are not cloudy all day"
(Just a few).

The stand up paddle board arrived at the door.
Getting wet never looked so fun.

The many faces of E.  You should always try to match the flavor to the shirt color, but there are no gray ice creams.  

Here he is either piloting a kite or he just caught a flying fish.
You decide.

I love seeing my friends at risk.
I hear they are working on an app to let you know when relatives are attacked by wild animals, too.

Sacked out nephew.

He was just resting up for some Mexican food on "National Tequila Night."
Vaya con Dios!

 Nice heels.
I asked her if she was going to be long on the stair master because I wanted to get a quick workout in.

The van of a hard-working local band.

I snuck in a pinball game and the best thing about it was that it was free.  

I think it is a thistle of some sort.
Let me know.

Hats are this year's silly bands.
You heard it here first.
...and FYI, I'm the guy who brought back tan boat shoes.

Champagne grapes.

State Fair grub.

Possibly a record height.

Whip it!
Into shape!

Shape up!

Get straight!

See you next week.


  1. i always find to be very dramatic in their forecasts. it always makes me feel as if armageddon is about to strike instead of a lovely summer thunderstorm.

  2. A very colorful week Colby! Stay cool (as you are already).

  3. S- Unfortunately, anxiety sells.
    R- Thanks, Ron. I try to stay as Cool and the Gang as possible.

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