Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

"...And the week shall inherit the earth."

The 2012 false mustache challenge.
Mustache 1:
Le Fink.

Mustache 2:
The De Barge.

Mustache 3:
Ho Chi Who?

A lot of neat stuff is going on late summer and into fall.  Ladies Roller Derby in Milford sounds like a must, Mike Watt is playing Dogfish Head in October, Henry Rollins is speaking in Dover on Halloween, and then the Met Live Opera goes full swing in Easton.
Hobbes, the days are just filled.

Hong Kong Phooey spotted in Rehoboth.

Voted Best Car to Have a Quote from a Tribe Called Quest Song.

Young People Intermission.

Creation always boggles my mind.

Smores at my bro's house ended up looking like buttocks.

My wife went all Martha Stewart and made Peach Souffle for the gang.

Check out this picture from the Wisconsin State Fair!  I know it looks like a tater, but that is actually a chocolate eclair.
Oh yeah?
Well my State Fair had......
Eclair wins.

See you next week.


  1. Anyone who can see buttocks in Smore's is my kind of person! Another fun post Colby!

  2. That would be my wife. Everything with her finishes with the end (pun intended).