Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Sunday Evening Post

Crazy week of adventure.
Fortunately, we documented it with cell phone cameras.

We spotted a pair of buddhist monks in the lego store.  This one thought of building a tiny temple with some display pieces, but reconsidered after he decided that they were perfect just as they are... now.

Good luck and well wishes to S, who will soon travel to Korea to further her studies!

"I said gophers, you idiot, not golfers!"

They grow up so quickly.
M went head-to-head with his Aunt on the streets of Philadelphia.
She won-
for now.

Back to Pittsburgh to watch the Pirates take a brutal beating.  PNC Park, however, is still the top field in the nation.

Newest member of the family and a member of the fifth generation of Bucco fans.

Not even my tried and true rally cap worked.

Pittsburgh bridge work.
The Burgh has miles and miles of walking trails along the Three Rivers.

I hung out with Andy Warhol at his museum.  He liked my shades and my "fame is lame" attitude.

 Statue at the Allegheny Cemetery in the Garden of Peace.

Retired Pirates pitcher Dave Giusti, king of the palm ball,
 signed autographs for the kids.

On the way south, we stopped by Falling Water, a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  It was truly amazing and I advise anyone who is interested in architect to check it out.

Birthday gifts from Ghana.

We finish up with a B-Day girl, donning fish PJs and a smile.

See you next week.


  1. Fabulous picture of Pittsburgh and Three Rivers stadium (which I prefer to call it, what's with the PNC stadium?)

  2. I'd like to say it stands for the three rivers, but it don't. Alas, the piper must be paid.