Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Sunday Evening Post

One Wedding.
One Parade.
Seven Days.
The Week in Pictures.

Nothing like a friendly debate about grammar.
Is is excess or excessive?  My sister-in-law-the-middle-school-English-teacher would know.

I somehow got roped into driving a parade vehicle to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Bowers Beach Volunteer Firemen.
It actually turned out to be a fun time.
Congrats, Station 40!

Judging Starts Here,
but hey, I try not to judge.

This Spring, I am bring back the
"wear a sweatshirt by the hood on your head look".
When you see all the young, hip, and attractive sporting this look, remember that it started here.

My son went to the Spy Museum in D.C. to check out the James Bond Exhibit.  Here he is sporting a 007 hat.
It looks more like an audition 8X10
or the opening credits for the stars of SNL.

Pastor Jeff at a wedding rehearsal, bringing the Word into the 21st century with an iPad.

My wife sporting a rock-a-billy 'do for the nups.

Here is entire smashing ensemble during prep work.

Check out the results:

Wonderful night was had by all.

Looks like another session of "Baltimore Stoop Story Time" starring T Bojangles.
(Brought to you by Workhorse Chewing Tobacco).

Next week's tales will be found in
Feasting Bedbugs, Mites, and Ticks.

Remember, Gang:
If you stick some fruit in it, it will be considered healthy.

See you next week!

The song that has been getting me through the last three minutes of my workouts since the '90s.


  1. We might just be having one of those weddings here. Stay tuned.

    Retired in Delaware