Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

Once again, it is the end of the week.
School is done.
Summer has begun.

Big ol' black snake sunning in the driveway.

G keeps catching the fish!

In case you've been kidnapped and you're in the trunk, the Ford Company has put in this handy-dandy rip cord.

This ain't no fashion blog, but methinks hawaiian shirts are going to be the big item this year.

My son took all of his school supplies and cordoned them off in the 3 R piles.

Dum Dum pops.

There was a mess of rain this week.  Our gutters were overflowing.

I always hoard all of the "Q"s in Scrabble and wait for triple letter or word to strike.
I also cheat.

Sushi up on the roof at The Cultured Pearl.

Firefly tix came in.  
Two weeks out.

Dad and Son grab a snooze after a hard day at the office and sandbox.  

Steve's shop brightens the day in Wilmington.

Homemade marshmallows.

Slipped by B's place to check out his garden.
He has put in a lot of tough labor and it's looking good.

Cookies from Serpe's Bakery up in Elsmere were a hit at the family's weekly dinner.

Blue eyes with strep.

Wonder Triplet powers-

Finishing up with the candy jars at Edie Bees down in Lewes.

See you next week!


  1. I hope you didn't do harm to that big ole black snake sunning in your driveway. I would never have a car that had a trunk, just for that reason. One of my blogger buddies makes Hawaiian shirts. He's a therapist by profession. He makes the shirts to "relax." I just put in an order for two. I supply the material, he makes them for free. Good deal! By the way, your son looks just about old enough to start dating. Looking forward to THOSE posts! Have a great week!

    Retired in Delaware

  2. Thanks, Ron! I don't even want to think about the dating scene yet. Make sure you post those Hawaiian shirts and make certain you get a Detroit Tigers ball cap to wear with them a la Tom Selleck in "Magnum P.I.".