Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

I need a week just to recuperate from this one.
Here it is in digital images.

This shot of a father and daughter on a summer Jeep ride has Pulitzer potential.

To all of the moms and dads out there:
If you want your children to eat their veggies take a page out of this couple's book and serve them up while rapping, dancing, and throwing out gang signs.

Rough week for mi Madre.  She kicked it off by having surgery up at Penn in Philadelphia.  As you can see, however, it didn't take her long to get back to her old (pug) self.
We are all extremely proud of her.

Here she is stretching it out with her grandson.
Reminds me of Rocky running up the Museum of Arts steps.

I am a sucker for T-shirts like this.  
Got one for my bro, too.

60,000 people descended upon my hometown for the Firefly Festival.  Here is my son sporting some free swag. 

Here are four wholesome ladies showing how the local brews look when the light hits them just right.  I'm pretty sure they didn't drink them afterwards.

 I don't have a bucket list, but if I did, one item that would get crossed off would be seeing Public Enemy live.  I have been a fan since the tenth grade.
(Chuck D was warning everyone that the FBI was tapping our phones back then and everyone laughed.  Not so funny now, is it?)
Here is Flavor Flav sporting his notorious clock necklace.
(Photo courtesy of Rick Stewart Photography)

Mom and Son.

I have to hand it to the staff.  They kept the place spic-and-span all three days.

Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
(Photo courtesy of Rick Stewart Photography)

 The Firefly entourage.

Fans use pretty creative banners to let their friends know where they are in the massive crowds.  Here is a huge marker utilizing Bob Saget's mug.

The week ended with cupcakes and a Grassy Ass thank-you card.
No, no.
Thank you.

See you next week.  The only way to end this one is with some P.E.
(accompanied by Anthrax).

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