Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

"Why don't you take a picture.
It'll last longer"!
-Mr. Pee Wee Herman

The week in photos.

Fresh apples from Fifer Orchards.

While most were leaving the beach last Monday, we slipped in against the grain.  As you can see, not a person around.

We lucked out, too, when we caught our first ride of the year on the haunted Mansion on the last day it was open.

Oh, surfing Starkey's ice cream cone, why do I like you so much?  Is it because you have human arms and legs?
Is it because you seem so focused on the task at hand?
You just freak me out.

A friend introduced me to some tasty protein shakes at Smyrna Health and Nutrition, where this McDonald's kids meal has been on display since January.
Still going strong!

Lemon tower.

Be careful if you complain about not making it into the blog recently.  Embarrassing photos are sure to follow.

E is off to his first day of his last year of preschool.

Z-Man and his boo-boo face.
Sometimes it can be tough to be the little brother.

A shot of my son dragging a tire at Crossfit Sweat Angel.  It has amazed me how much he likes working out there.

Here he is on a post-workout high.
Crossfit Sweat Angel reminds me of my old gym...

Crossfit Sweat Hog
(Mr. Carter was a ball-breaker!)

My wife baked some mean Challah for Rosh Hoshanna dinner.

Here is a member of the welcoming committee.

Our gracious host dispensing the bread dipped in powdered sugar and carried on his family tradition of throwing it at us.

Two Beaners and two really long beans.

Hopefully, a heap of Senators and Congressmen were in Rehoboth last week.

Fossilized frog.

This cat tried the old trick of walking next to you and pretending like you own it so you will take it home with you.
Nice try, but I will only fall for that once.

See you next week.

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