Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

The weather at times could be described as a tad bit nipply, but that could be shivers brought on by all the Halloween talk.
Seven days of iPhone photos.

My friend ran a marathon last week so I treated him to some celebratory BBQ at Meat Mechanics in Dover.  If you haven't been, get there.

Coconut flour pumpkin pancakes.
This is the kind of stuff you cook when you have carb phobia like me.

Spotted this 4-H Club window display next to the gym and it brought back a flood of old memories.  My club was named "Green Acres."

Spider-Man Peruvian winter hat spotted during a Sunday stroll through Rehoboth Beach.

The carnival was in town and I desperately want to get my fat paws on one of these posters to hang up in my house. 

For some reason I couldn't get ramen off my mind so my wife got all burners activated to make it happen.

Here was mine:
spaghetti squash noodles, shrooms, scallions, spicy pineapple kielbasa, avocado, bacon,and poached egg covered in sriracha chili sauce.

My wife and son went with a shrimp substitution and full-on authentic ramen noodles.

Took my son to his very first spook house and it was a humdinger.  Scary kids freak me out.

Talk about scary!
Kirby the cat lover skit returned to SNL.
That guy gives me the heeby jeebies.

What if every tag rang true?

Flowers for my Mom to celebrate her final radiation treatment!
Now she gets a month of rest and relaxation.
Well deserved, Saint Susan.

Two things kids can be threatened with to curb bad behavior:
1) No Christmas.
2) No halloween.

The old wive's tale is that the more narrow a woolly bear caterpillar's brown band is, the worse winter is going to be.
If its true, this guy is predicting a mellow season.

See you next week.


  1. "A tad bit nipply"? Oh my that evokes an image in my mind. Food, flowers, caterpillars and monsters on this weeks post. Focus, focus. :) Have a great week!

    1. "Cold as a witch's teat" was my Grandmom's favorite saying. I guess "nippily" is more PC. Have a great week.

  2. Yes, I've heard that term before too. :)