Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Evening Post

Trying to get the Sunday Post in before we sup tonight
(J hates the words "sup" and "dusky" so I try to work them in my vocabulary as much as possible).
The week in photos.

"Ask and ye shall receive".
The week started off with my wish coming true as I yoinked this local piece of art.
Notice the focus is on the redhead, center stage.

One of the toughest guys I know ended up with a cute lion face in his hot chocolate at Espresso and Ice-
and it actually made him seem more manly.

My favorite of all foods is the sweet potato, so I was pleased to acquire free ones from a friend's garden.  Hints of Clayton soil resonated and gave it a dusky palette
(There. Got dusky in, too).

These are the types of things you find around your house when you have a nerdy twelve year-old son
(I wouldn't change it for the world, either).

My homemade kimchi is brewing on the shelf as we speak.  How can something that smells so bad tastes so good?

Last week's post ended with "What does the Fox Say"? by Ylvis.  Turns out many readers suffered from my choice.  For that I humbly apologize. 

Bat Boy.
Where has he been?
Ever since he found Osama Bin Laden for the government, he sort of fell off of the radar.

One thing I could find, though, was my trusty Stanley Thermos.  If I had to keep five items that I possess and discard the rest, this would be one.

Now that is what I am talking about, people!
We need to start the chant and let it roar from the tip of New Castle down to the base of Sussex:

As adults, we have turned to yoga to de-stress and stay in shape.  Turns out all we are doing is what comes to kids naturally.  Here is my son doing homework...

...and here is a friend's son hanging out in a clothing shop.
I imagine there is plenty that kids could teach us.
Maybe we need listen to them a lot more.

All right, enough goofing around.  Let's get to the costumes!

Kiki and the penguin
(That penguin is so diabolical looking).
All that is missing is Burgess Meredith.
There. That's better.

E as a spider
(Or a great tick demonstration to bring attention to the dangers of Lyme Disease).

The Super Kudos go to this family.
This is probably the best costume photo I have ever placed my eyeballs on.  I want it to be my Christmas card.

Quoth the Raven,
I try to read it every Hallow's Eve.
Great stuff.  It's equally terrifying to be awoken by the raven.

Baby and Aunt.
I hope she gets a chance to change his diaper so then he will be able to say that he had Aunts in his pants.

Looks like the retired life is finally rubbing off.  All that's missing is a pipe.

See you next week.


  1. Super Sunday Evening post! You're a good dad, son and husband. Your family is very fortunate.

  2. Thanks, Ron. I try my best. Fortunately, this bunch makes it easy to look good.