Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

Valentine's Day slipped by this week, the day that a christian martyr was beheaded for performing secret weddings.
Makes you think twice about stuffing yourself with chocolates.
Here are the pictures from the stretch.

My two favorite ladies (in red) after a superb dinner cooked up by my bro and sis-in-law.

Afterwards, my brother asked us to drop his water bill off at the public works building on our way home.
My Grandfather always said that you can never say "thank you" too much.

Father and daughter strolling off to the morning bus stop.

With all of the snow accumulation, my wife and I indulged in our favorite libations to help pass the time.
(One and done is my motto, however).

This young lad showed up for some adult supervision while his parents were out bringing home the bacon.

This was our first meeting and he was amazed by the fact that a man could have such a huge, misshapen noggin.

Not to be outdone, he jumped into his posing attire and flexed his massive leg muscles.
He is a regular Quad-Zilla!

Happy Valentines Day, Mom and Dad.

Fritarose took time out of her busy schedule to sign a few cards
(you can keep the pen).

The kids posse'd up to view the new Lego Movie.  They gave it a bunch of sticky thumbs up.

D took a lot of heat over the ensemble he wore while in Tennessee.

Everyone knows that you are not supposed to wear visible white long john pants until after Labor Day.

DJ Jill pumped out some fresh beets.

The very same place where athlete's foot starts.

I stopped into Little Gary's Tattooing, the oldest licensed tattoo shop in the state.

I couldn't resist.
She has always been there for me-
my personal anchor.

See you next week.