Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

We keep rolling,
and here are a few snippets from the week as proof.

Mom wanted a deviled egg.
Here is what she got.  The eyes are olive pieces and the beak is carrot.

My wife holds her hand as Fritarose guards her lap.  The quiet moments have become the most treasured.

Sweet buns, Conchas, sent by a friend that look so nice it almost broke your heart to eat them-
and then you taste them and they are so good that you don't care what they look like.

Hamentaschen prep for Purim
(Say it fast five times).

One fresh out of the oven in New Jersey.  Congrats to J and H.
Mazel Tov!

The one and only horseshoe crab whisperer made a rare appearance downtown.  He sold out in five minutes flat.

A lot of good people have been rallying around our family and it is greatly appreciated.  We will never be able to express what it has meant to us.  Thanks.

My son made a yellow rose from origami.
When I see one all I can think about is Texas and that gets me thinking about Pee Wee and the Alamo.

Makes me laugh every time.

My brother had a birthday.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.
Now kiss the Blarney Stone.

Master Tan sent this pic of Ultra Man flying through the San Francisco airport.  Tough to top.

I was near Milton with a friend, and it was 11:00 AM, so there was no choice but to stop by Po' Boys for collard greens and oysters with plenty of hot sauce.
The best cajun cooking' around.

Took the dog for a walk.
His name is Guinness.
Good dog.

Biki-clad women in masks with nunchucks and beer bongs really strikes a chord with me for some reason.

They are talking a lot of snow tomorrow, so get your outside time while you still can.

See you next week.


  1. Colby,
    I'm sorry I missed connecting with you in Starbucks in Lewes. Yes, that was me with my Canadian (Toronto) friend Pat. That's the only time I go into Starbucks because of Pat, he's one of their daily visitors wherever he is. He was in town for our annual Bloggerpalooza event in Lewes. Next time you're in Milton (Po Boy's) stop in The Backyard. We ate there several times last week. Good food, ambient atmosphere, and friendly folks. Milton is coming up. My best to your Mom. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thanks for the update, Ron. I will definitely check out the Backyard. I am a big fan of Milton and good restaurants. They are hard to come by.