Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

Short reprieve from cold weather got the crew outside and checking to see where nature is these days.
Pics of the week.

I left for work on Monday and the driveway was covered in snow.  I jokingly told my son to shovel it.  I never thought that he actually would.

Sisters striking poses from the polar opposite sides of the spectrum.  The Yahtzee game tucked under the tutu is my favorite part.

Smoochin' Mrs. Stokes.
I just realized that she is a dead ringer for the church lady.
Now isn't that special?

Crazy things are going down.
Morrissey and Ani DiFranco will be performing in Delaware this year.  When did DE become so hip and are we ready for it?  Quick, someone hand me some workhorse chewing tobacco and some bib overalls.  It's too much at once.

We even have fantastic bistros
(La Fia in Wilmington).

She's cute and all, but she still pees on the rug.  I like to call her Refund, because that is what I would demand for if she was my dog.

I love this guy.
He is always dancing on SR1 near Lewes, and he has some killer moves.  He makes me want to bust out some parachute pants and start poppin'.

Shot of the Crookers getting down to business and cleaning up.  You can tell they are the real deal because 1) there is no trash on that stretch of road and 2)that is their real name on the sign.  My laziness would shame me into using a fake one.

Popped into the oyster house for a half dozen and a glass of Riesling down in Rehoboth. Great day.

J took this one of me.
It's funny to look at photos of yourself.  These days I feel like an old barn-
not much to look at from the outside, but I'm still plenty useful to have around.

Here's a picture of Mugsy taking a ride downtown to fit a mope with a pair of cement shoes.

My robot socks.  I didn't realize I had them on.
Obscure Madman lunchbox spotted street side.

I found a little blurb in Lapham's Quarterly about burial rituals around the world and they did a highlight on Delaware American Indians.

Fishy Fishy Fishy Fish.
And it went wherever I go.

I detected these cocoons in a lot of my trees this week.  Does anyone know what pops out of them?  I am cool with butterflies, but not so cool with alien creatures from outer space.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  See you next week.


  1. Another great Sunday posting! Those cocoons are of praying mantises. Very useful to have around the garden. I like your "do." Reminds me of my friend Pat. He gets a "1" too. Who wants to fuss around with a lot of hair, even if you do have a full head of hair. Looks good on you (as it does Pat).
    Have a great week!


  2. Thanks, Ron. My hair is too thick to "do" anything else with it. I guess that is a blessing. Thanks for the praying mantis tip, too. You, My Mom, and my brother-in-law were the only ones who must have studied entomology. Have a great week.

    1. I admire praying mantises. We have quite a few of them around here with all of our bushes. I think they know I care.