Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

Like cards in a deck, there are 52 weeks in a year.  So in essence, this blog is a long, drawn out game of 52-card pick up.
One more week.

Fritarose chewing on a stuffed toy.  Soon I will unleash her on the feral cats that hang around the garage at night.

Johnny Football donned his colors one more time for a personal photo shoot.  Class of 1964, D. Cox was the starting QB known for throwing long bombs into the hands of awaiting players.
Too bad they always seemed to be playing for the visiting team.

Why the long face, Miss?

Looks like this Mom got a nice show of affection from her daughter.  She even left a smidgen of her dessert cookie as well.

Meanwhile, the same kid needed to clear the air with a new boyfriend from school.  
Notice the lack of cookie.
This one means business.

Scenic view sent from Florida while here in the DE it was a snow day.

Birthday berries, fresh whipped cream, and meringue for yours truly, who turned 42.

I guess you are never too old to get called "Coldbeef".  If I was a pro wrestler, that would be my handle.

This old photo made its rounds after a thirteen year hiatus.  My wife's friend J was showcased in Time magazine for a PETA protest she participated in.

Fresh orange juice squeezer that keeps the squishings away from your clothes.

My son took this shot at a D.C. cake show, which he visited with his grandparents.

Feeling inspired, he went straight home to make his own.  Looks like he received assistance from a giant nose (seen at top right of photo).

Here is the final product.

Even though this is within the weight restrictions, I am pretty certain the load warning is meant for one person only.
They later juggled knives and chainsaws.

My wife and I had a date night at the movies.  As you can see, The Grand Budapest Hotel was a big hit here in Dover.  Do yourself a favor, though, and go see it.  Willem Dafoe has a fantastic part.

Coolest exit sign design.

The young ones get their ramen on.

I just realized that sardines are fast food sushi.  

The real thing.  A late night snack at the sushi bar.  

See you next week.


  1. "Cold beef." Your Sunday night posting never fails to bring a smile to my face. Happy birthday! I would never have figured you for more than 35 years old. :)


    1. You are too kind. Some mornings I wake up and feel like a slab of cold beef. Have a nice week.