Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Evening Post

Peas porridge hot.
Peas porridge cold.
Peas porridge in the pot...
screw peas porridge.
Lets bring on the pics!

M read his essay during the Veterans Day Appreciation Ceremony.

The super cool moment came when this young man read about his appreciation for his veteran father, who is a veteran of World War  II!

 My son baked this Pac-Man cake for his good friend, L.
Happy Birthday!

Here is a shot of the proud baker and over-whelmed recipient.

Egss poached in tomato sauce.


Happy B-Day, S!
Her son E made this fancy-pants card for her.

Poor J ran into a pole.
Normally, she just dances on one.
Nyuk.  Nyuk.

They sat there for a good four hours, but C and Teddy did shoot a good sized buck.


He gutted it himself.

The view at D's place.

On our way to New York, we stopped by a rest area and caught a glimpse of these two guys donning BK crowns just because they were available.
Kudos, Men-
I mean Sires.

Playing "selfies" with toy phones.
Pretty hilarious.

A shot of us warming up and getting ready moments before the big event of the week...

High above...

Mazel Tov to D and A!

Here they are being jettisoned over the crowd during the Hora.

J's cousin snuck this shot of me.
You can take the hick out of Delaware,
but you can't take the Delaware out of the hick.

Cool Moe J during his first visit to NYC.
I think he likes it.

Fresh eggs, broccoli, and homemade oatmeal cookies from D.
Many thanks, but something tells me the broccoli is going to outlast the cookies.

We'll leave you with a sideways shot of the reception.

See you next week!

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  1. All that in one week? You do lead a very interesting life.